The recent success of the movie, ‘Tere Bin Laden’ has really popularized the character of the desi Laden, Pradhuman Singh. Director, Abhishek Sharma has decided to explore the humorous character again

Bollywood Laden To Be Cast Again
Last Updated: 2010-07-27T10:57:15+05:30
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Bollywood Laden To Be Cast Again
Pradhuman Singh
Pradhuman Singh

The success of the political satire movie, ‘Tere Bin laden’ was unexpected and the character of Pradhuman Singh just did wonders. He is in demand by the viewers and the movie director, Abhishek Sharma is planning to go ahead with the existing desi Laden concept of the movie.

The humorous side of the Bollywood Osama Bin Laden is taken in the right spirits and that’s why the director will take forward the concept in the future movies.

Pradhuman Singh, the Bollywood Osama adds, “It would depend entirely on the writing. Abhishek Sharma, who's almost like a childhood buddy, I know him from when I was 17, worked hard to bring the idea of a poor Laden lookalike who creates a global stir, come alive. Now to carry the idea forward without seeming to simply cash in on a successful formula, we need a script that is as funny if not funnier."

Pradhuman Singh has done his acting course from the National School Of Drama and in the age of 20 years, he acted for the first time. He says that he doesn’t mind going ahead with the concept of Laden again.

He adds, “When Abhishek suggested I play a character who's mistaken for Laden, I was zapped. I had never even remotely thought I resembled Laden. But now that the character has been liked, I don't mind playing him again,"

He jokes that he forgot his real identity while shooting for the film and once even his girl friend couldn’t recognize him.

Pradhuman further adds, “I've gotten so used to being dressed as Laden/Noora, I had almost forgotten what I really look like. I'd wake up in the morning without makeup and wonder who the stranger in the mirror was. We got a really good makeup person Vikram Gaekwad to do my Osama makeup."

Well, he has become famous as desi or Bollywood Osama and he will carry the image until it is required to do so.

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