It is a rumor that Bollywood actress Ayesha Takia had to follow ultra-conservative ways of wearing burqa and to restrict herself from film career after her marriage.

Ayesha Takia Into The Regime Of Burqa?
Last Updated: 2010-01-27T11:48:36+05:30
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Ayesha Takia Into The Regime Of Burqa?
Ayesha Takia
Ayesha Takia
In the Bollywood industry heroines after marriage often makes a disappearing act or often wed late to reign their film career. Ayesha who has finally tied her knot with Farhan Azmi is rumored to make a disappearing act from film as she is bound to observe all the conventional rules after marriage.
But Ayesha has a different story to add about her in-laws and said it is ridiculous to hear such rumors that have no connection in her real life.  Ayesha added, “I’m amazed at the games people play. The other day someone asked me if I’ve started wearing a burqa after marriage. Far from feeling clamped I now have the freedom to do more things than before. My parents-in-law are cool about my business ventures with my husband and my film career.”
With a light air to the rumors, she stated, “Farhan and I went around together for five years before marriage. So there goes the conservative card. Suddenly after we make it official I hear all kind of rumours including the fact that I’m out of Revathy Varmha’s film and that I’ve been replaced by some other actress.”
After the sensational hit of her film ‘Wanted’, Ayesha is more determined to carry on with good projects even after marriage and currently she is into with Revathy Varmha’s film.
In perspective to it she added, “I’ve never felt the need to grab roles. I’ve got what I wanted. And it will continue that way. I always felt ‘Wanted’ would be the first big hit of my career. Ironical that it should come now after my marriage. And I’ve got more to do in it than the leading lady in a Salman vehicle would be expected to. In fact I was blown away by the way I was presented. And why should I give up a dream role like the one in Revathy’s film? She’s new to the Mumbai industry and quite nervous about these controversies.” 
Moreover, she is driving into another direction apart from the film career that is into clotheslines section along with her mother and sister.
Is clothesline direction is an option to quit her film career or Ayesha is more excited in her unconventional ways even after marriage?

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