Southern beauty, Asin turns 25 today! She is celebrating her birthday and says that she doesn’t have qualms in disclosing her birthday; Asin happily completes 25 years of her life.

Asin Turns 25 Today!
Last Updated: 2010-10-26T11:23:08+05:30
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Asin Turns 25 Today!
Asin Thottumkal
Asin Thottumkal
Southern beauty and Bollywood-Tollywood actress Asin turns 25 years and she is celebrating her birthday today on October 26th. She also adds that she doesn’t have any qualms in disclosing her age in public.
Asin adds further, "I turn 25 today and I have no qualms over talking about my age. I started doing movies when I was 14. Back then, I couldn't even think of hiding my age. All my earlier interviews are still available. So, today, even if I try, I can't hide my age.”
Her plans are made very special by three of her best friends from New York, Liverpool and Australia, who have flown down to her residence in Mumbai just to spend her day.
Glad and surprised, she says, "They planned it without telling me anything and it all came as a surprise to me. As for gifts, my mother is very predictable. She'll gift me jewelry. My dad is into cars. Like last year, I think he'll give me a car again."
Asin has turned 25 and yet she is single, one would wonder about the authenticity in the news, but she again says that she hasn’t found any one right up to her expectations.
She adds further, “I haven't come across anyone yet. I have no blocks as far as whether the person should be from the film industry or not. I am looking for someone who is fun, dignified and has integrity of character."

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