Apple’s iPhone 3GS has become a rage among the technofreaks due to a wide array of features.

Apple iPhone 3GS: Why You’ll Love It
Last Updated: 2010-04-20T16:02:05+05:30
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Apple iPhone 3GS: Why You’ll Love It
Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple’s iPhone 3GS has become a rage among the techno freaks due to a wide array of features. It is touted to be the fastest ever iPhone with superb performance.
The device encompasses so many intelligent features that can entice a user.  
This nice device is very much favourable for launching applications quickly. Improved performance and updated 3D graphics are incredible for game lovers too. It is said that the iPhone 3GS is two times faster than the iPhone 3G.
For all of your video activities like shooting, editing or sharing, the iPhone 3GS has nice camera and features. It has a nice 3MP camera to suffice the needs of photography. There is MobileMe gallery to post your videos and you can also publish the stuffs to the YouTube. Even the sync facility is available with this smart device.
Among the other features, the Apple device has Voice Control that recognizes the names in your contacts and knows the music on your iPod, a compass to show the correct direction and nice copy-paste option.
The user will be amused to see the iPhone having so many features. It proffers an intelligent software keyboard where a larger keyboard can be had on rotating the device to landscape mode. Now, you can do Mails, Messages or Notes anything with ease.
The iPhone 3GS device looks very smart at messaging as well as searching too. There is Spotlight Search from where you can get all the convenient information.
iPhone 3GS offers accessibility features to the persons who are visually or hearing impaired. It incorporates features like the VoiceOver screen reader, a Zoom feature, White on Black display options and Mono Audio to help those people.
For the surfers, the device is also a good platform to connect to any place from anywhere.  You can even share your thought, a memo, a meeting or any audio recording on the go with the new Voice Memos application.
iPhone 3GS also shows stocks in the form of charts and you could get daily headlines from the source.
If the iPhone is lost, then don’t worry as there is Apple’s MobileMe service to help you find it. Just you have to log on to to view a map that shows the approximate location of your iPhone.  Even, the iPhone can be locked or data can be wiped out remotely.
The iPhone 3GS is truly a combination of phone, iPod and Internet device in one place and you’ll just love it to have it.

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