Anil Kapoor, the first Indian actor to work in a big Hollywood project along with super celebrity, Tom Cruise, seems to be flattered by Tom’s dedication and drive towards his work.

Anil Kapoor Flattered By Tom Cruise’s Dedication
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Anil Kapoor Flattered By Tom Cruise’s Dedication
Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor

Anil Kapoor, who will be seen in a Hollywood flick with Tom Cruise, seems to be struck by the energy levels and dedication of the actor. They both are working in MI part 4, which is a huge project for any actor in the world.

Kapoor, who plays an Indian bad man in the movie says, “Tom Cruise is very dedicated and hardworking. Some days he slept for just three hours. That is the kind of drive and dedication which makes you so successful. It (Hollywood) is like a Premier League.”

The movie is called ‘Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol’ and it will hit the theatres by December, 2011. Anil Kapoor has also been lucky as he worked with Danny Boyle in Oscar award winning film ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’.

He adds further, “Working at the international arena is altogether a different experience. I had the opportunity of working with (British filmmaker) Danny Boyle. I learnt a lot from him. They have a different way of working and different work culture. In addition, I also had the opportunity of working with some of the great Indian directors and co-stars.”

He ends saying, “You should be like a blotting paper and absorb whatever is good. It has been a wonderful journey and God has been kind to me.”

His next Bollywood flick is ‘No Problem’, a total comedy movie, which also stars Kangana Ranaut and Sanjay Dutt in the lead roles, the movie releases the next week.

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