Amitabh mentioned his discomfort regarding the laying of the metro rails near his house ‘Pratiksha’. After getting criticizing remarks over his statements, he has given clarification for the same.

Amitabh Gives Clarification On His Statement
Last Updated: 2010-09-01T15:10:23+05:30
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Amitabh Gives Clarification On His Statement
Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan
Big B’s statement on the issue of metro rail project set-up near his house triggered many reactions from political parties and media. But, he says that he is a proud Mumbaikar and he welcomes all sorts of changes happening in his city for the welfare of the people.
Big B clarifies, “Certain sections of the media, both electronic and print, have misinterpreted the writings on my blog and I wish to make a clarification. Mumbai as a city has given my family and me a place in their hearts beside recognition and respect.”
He further states, "My family and I have never and at no point of time would ever like to disregard the conveniences of my fellow Mumbaikars and the development being undertaken for a better future for the city and them.”
“My blog represents my heart and on the matter of the Metro it clearly says the 'general happiness’ that it brings to ‘commuters’ and that 'the misery of crowded locals and the uncertainties of the three wheeler or the yellow black cab shall hopefully be greatly reduced’.
"Indeed I have ended the piece by saying welcome ‘fellow passengers’. By fellow passenger I include myself as one.”
"My request to everyone who visits my blog is to read it in its entirety rather than pick up words and fabricate stories which create an unnecessary sensation. I am proud to be a Mumbaikar and I welcome the changes which we are being seen in the city.”
The controversy started when Big B termed the metro rail project as ‘Killer’ of privacy. Political leaders from parties like congress also mentioned the statements as ‘unfortunate’.

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