Akshay Kumar has revealed that he is bored of doing action and comedy flicks and wants to do some romantic movies.

Akshay Kumar Wants To Do Romantic Movies
Last Updated: 2009-09-01T11:24:48+05:30
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Akshay Kumar Wants To Do Romantic Movies
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar
Bollywood action hero, Akshay Kumar has revealed that he is bored of doing action and comedy movies and now wants to focus on romantic movies.
Akshay Kumar said, "I want to do more romance. I've actually gotten bored of comedy and action. Yes, I just want to do some romantic films. And that's what my next thing is going to be. I’ve done quite a lot of comedy now and I don't know...sometimes an actor is very sensitive about what he's doing and where he wants to go ahead and do. I know comedy has worked a lot and it has worked brilliantly for me”.
Akshay Kumar revealed that the secret to success is hard work and being ‘a producer's actor’.
"It's actually your hard work, your punctuality...Even if you're not a good actor, to be a producer's actor is very essential...If you finish your films on time, save a lot of money for the producer. I remember there was a time when I had delivered 14 flops in a row. But I still had movies along with me for a very simple reason, because I was a producer's actor”, the actor explained.
"I had good films still coming... I had finished all films in a three-month span. Even if they went for loss, they still preferred working with me. And after that, even I thought my career was over. But it still carried on," Akshay added.
The actor also insisted that it’s the luck that plays an important role for remaining on top. "I've just been lucky... a lot of times I've watched my films and I felt it's not good. And those films worked. Like I tell you another film of mine was "8x10Tasveer". I love that film... When I saw it, it's good but it didn't work at all. So I don't know exactly what works and what doesn't work. You just flow. I liked "Chandni Chowk To China". I did it with Warner Brothers, I was very confident and it didn't work at all”, Akshay Kumar said.
The actor admits that the secret behind his success is his parent’s blessing. "I would say my success lies at the feet of my parents because that's been my biggest strength and that's what we Hindus believe in. Every morning before going to work just touch your parents' feet and go ahead in life. That's my personal belief and I followed that in my life. And I told a lot of people and they have also been successful. People may believe it or not, but that's exactly what I believe in”, Akshay Kumar said.

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