Akshay Kumar is all set to shoot the costliest commercial ever made with an Indian actor.

Akshay Kumar To Shoot Costliest Commercial Ever
Last Updated: 2010-01-03T11:06:39+05:30
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Akshay Kumar To Shoot Costliest Commercial Ever
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar
If reports are to believed Akshay Kumar is all set to feature in the costliest commercial ever made with an Indian actor. The action Hero known for his daring acts has already made one of the big budget films ‘Blue’. Now the actors get ready to bag a fat cheque in the ad world. The endorsement is for soft drink’ Thums up’ for which the actor is already a brand ambassador.
According to a source, “Pick up any commercial for Thums Up that Akshay has done and you would see him indulging in some dare devil stunts. This has been the trend for the last half a decade or so, ever since Akshay was been promoting this brand. This year it's going to be no different as the commercial would feature Akshay being a part of some breath taking stunts."
Akshay has always fascinated audience with different stints may it be fast cars, skyscraper jumping or running on busy roads .We need to wait for what Akki is up to this time.
The source says, “It would be something that has never been seen before; that's the least which can be promised. Thums Up has been the Number One soft drink in India in 2009 and has beaten other Colas in the race. It is imperative that there is further brand promotion done which would not just help it retain the position but also outrun the competition."
Sources claim that commercial will be  shot  at various locales in Malaysia and boasts of some unheard of money involved. Speculations are that the endorsement is of 2 crores though it has not been officially confirmed.
The source adds, “It is the costliest ever commercial for sure but I am not at authority to give you the final number. However, it is quite close to the figure that you mention. The commercial would be worth every rupee that has been kept aside for its shoot."

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