Well, there seems to be a clear twist in the statement made by Bollywood superstar, Akshay Kumar, he says at the same time that he is not desperate but also says that he craves for a big success!

Akshay Kumar: ‘Am Not Desperate, But Crave For A Big Success’
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Akshay Kumar: ‘Am Not Desperate, But Crave For A Big Success’
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar seems to be too confused about his own sentences that he is saying at the same time, he is not desperate, but craves for a big success. Well, it seems that Akshay is mish-mashing his words in frustration of debacle of his last two movies.
Akshay’s last two outings, ‘Action Replay’ and ‘Khatta Meetha’ didn’t strike gold at the box office, the audience couldn’t connect with the actor, so for his next ‘Tees Maar Khan’, he seems to be in a state of confusion plus frustration!
Akshay says, “If you follow my career graph, there have been a lot of ups and downs. It doesn’t matter. I am not desperate, but, yes, I crave for a big hit all the time because I work very hard. I release around four films a year. I work very hard in each and every film.”
He continues, “Action Replayy’ didn’t work. It couldn’t connect with the audience. I tried to reason out and I think it would be because of the look or because of the screenplay.”

The actor also says that he has not given up though and he is going to do an action film with Prabhu Deva. His next outing, ‘Tees Maar Khan’ can be or can’t be a lottery for him, it stars Katrina in the lead role and it is directed by Farah Khan.

He ends telling about his character in the movie, “This is a fun character, full of enjoyment. He (the character) is a conman and so there is a lot of mischief. The character is actually very shrewd. He always tries fooling people because he wants to make it big. He never does anything himself; he makes people do things for him. I haven’t done such a fun and frolic role for a long time.”


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