‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’ is released and as per the critics and audience, it is a must watch. The audience has however given their votes to Ajay and says that he has more intensity than Emraan.

Ajay Devgan Has More Intensity Than Emraan
Last Updated: 2010-08-01T09:51:52+05:30
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Ajay Devgan Has More Intensity Than Emraan
Ajay Devgan
Ajay Devgan
The release of every movie is always accompanied by the comparison of the co-stars in it. The same applies to ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai’ where Ajay and Emraan are in the lead roles. As per the verdict of audience, Ajay Devgan is the most intense character of the film and Emraan is an average watch.
The movie has already earned some great reviews from critics, celebrities and eminent writers like Shobha De. While, the movie is successful in pulling a major number of audiences in the cinema halls, people have many things to share about the movie and the stars.

Aditi Mehta, a viewer says, “Ajay’s performance is very honest. It does remind us of his role in Company. Also, he is looking dashing in white attire throughout the film.”

The first compliment for Ajay goes very well with his role in the film and his performance has again won the hearts of many.

Another viewer, Shripal Shah says, “Emraan is ordinary. He doesn’t have the intensity that Ajay Devgn has.”

While Vishal Gupta also shares some similar views and adds, “This film is Ajay Devgn’s film. Emraan is average.”

While, Emraan has failed to get some get appreciation for his acting in the movie, his star counterpart Prachi Desai has been able to charm the audience with her retro style.

Praveen Joshi, another viewer adds, “Emraan and Prachi’s chemistry is very good. Prachi, in simple attire is looking very pretty.” A sigh of relief for Emraan as at least his existing image of a romantic hero got more ignited with the statement.

While, another lead lady, Kangana Ranuat is not looking less than a damsel in the movie, her looks are matchless in the movie and fans have gone crazy after seeing her.

Alok Sutar says, “Kangna is looking so hot. The screen is illuminated every time she comes on screen. The '70s look really looks good on her. Also, she suited well opposite Ajay’s character.”

Dressed up in 70’s style, she is the major center of attraction in the movie. While, the overall success rate of the movie can be judged only after its first week gets over.


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