Ajay Devgan, the lead actor of, ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’ is totally fed up now of wearing only and only white color clothes in the film. He had been grumbling about it since the shooting began.

Ajay Devgan Grumbles About ‘White Color’
Last Updated: 2010-07-23T14:39:21+05:30
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Ajay Devgan Grumbles About ‘White Color’
Ajay Devgan, Kangana Ranaut
Ajay Devgan, Kangana Ranaut
Ajay Devgan loves colors and contradictory to this fact, he was forced to wear clothes in only white shades in the movie, ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’.
Since the character of Ajay is inspired from the don of 70’s who only wears white colored clothes, he was also supposed to do the same. In fact, the fascination for white color was so strong for the don, that he also lived in a house made in pure white color.
Ekta Kapoor, the producer of the movie adds, “In a biopic, the central character should have one distinctive trademark feature that stands out so we thought, 'why not let Ajay wear white?' We had made 40 different sets of clothes for him in various colors but couldn't use them. We had to scrap them all.”
The concept of wearing only white colored clothes comes from the fact that the don of the 70’s era hated black color because he worked in the docks, where he can only wear black. So, as he grew up he began to detest dark colors and thus loved white.
Milan Luthria, the director of the movie also adds, “We did research on what people wore at that time and discovered that white was a predominant colour in the '70s while the fabric most sought after, was double ghoda bosky. In Kachche Dhaage, Ajay wore a white pathani suit at his father's funeral and looked good in it. In Once Upon A Time In Mumbai, it was his own idea to wear pathani suits.”
He further added about Ajay’s boredom for white color and adds, “He was sick of white at the end of the shoot. He would grumble that there was nothing different and why couldn't he simply wear the same outfit over and over again! He was completely sick with the color."
White color also shows the powerful and matchless image of the don named ‘Sultan’ in the movie and it also shows a class which stands out from the rest. The movie is due for a July 30 release.

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