Although, smoking is a common act among thousands, but being a celebrity Ajay Devgan has been sent a legal notice and also fined for Rs 100 for smoking in a public place.

Ajay Devgan Fined For Smoking In Public
Last Updated: 2010-09-01T12:10:54+05:30
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Ajay Devgan Fined For Smoking In Public
Ajay Devgan
Ajay Devgan
The don in ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’, Ajay Devgan was seen smoking in public, therefore he has been fined Rs. 100 and a legal notice has also been sent to him. Wonder, if the government send such notices to all the people who are found smoking in public?
Ajay Devgan is in Panaji, the capital of Goa and he was seen smoking in a courtyard of a multiplex. A police official has said that a complaint was filed by the DHS Rajnanda Desai. An anti-tobacco watch dog submitted photographs to her office showing the INOX multiplex premises.
Deputy Superintendent of Police Deu Benaulikar adds further, “The notice will be issued today (Wednesday). We are acting on a complaint filed by the state health department (Directorate of Health Services.)
The police official adds further, “The complaint was filed with the Crime Branch by the health department. Later it was forwarded to us for action. We verified the photograph and only then decided to issue the fine notice to the actor."
Ajay was at the multiplex for shooting as the set of his one upcoming movie was put there.
This is for the second time when any such complaint has been filed. Devgan was earlier fined for smoking in a public place in Chandigarh. It seems that such celebrities can every time afford such meager amount fine!

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