The most awaited urban flick ‘Aisha’ is all and all women’s imagination and hard work. The proud ‘Aisha’ team is made of 99 percent women.

‘Aisha’ Is All Women’s Imagination
Last Updated: 2010-07-26T13:20:44+05:30
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‘Aisha’ Is All Women’s Imagination
Lisa Haydon
Lisa Haydon
Lead actor, producer, screenplay writer and director in ‘Aisha’ are all women and it’s a matter of great pride that they did it better than anyone else. The meticulous and diligent work by the female team is all ready to wow the audience.
‘Aisha’ is all set to hit the theatres the coming Friday, while everyone else is desperately waiting to watch the movie, the team of the movie is rejoicing over their own accomplishments. It is also the launch vehicle of Anil Kapoor’s younger daughter Rhea Kapoor as a producer.
Rhea adds, “Women do think in a way which is more detailed and meticulous than men. And they want to make everything around them beautiful. They have a mother-like feeling towards whatever they do and that's why so many women gravitated towards 'Aisha' because it was like everybody's baby.”
The other team consists of director Rajshree Ojha, screenplay writer Amita Sehgal, production designer Shruti Gupte and the lead lady Sonam Kapoor. In fact even the dialogue department is taken care by two females, Devika and Ritu Bhatia.
Elated over the fact that ‘Aisha’ is a women’s effort, Rhea adds, “Women easily attach themselves to films and in a way it's good... because then you damn everything. You will make something you are proud of and not care about Rs.38 crore or Rs.40 crore... it's not like a 'bhindi bazaar' for them then. It becomes a passion and that's what happened with 'Aisha'.
The movie has already found a big place among the audience and in a way it is the best choice for them on the next Friday.

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