The songs in Ram Gopal Varma’s next venture, Agyaat has not been able to live up to its expectations.

Agyaat Music Review
Last Updated: 2009-07-14T10:56:56+05:30
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Agyaat Music Review
Music Directors: Bapi-Tutul
Lyricists: Prashant Pandey, Sandip Singh and Sarim Momin
Singers: Runa Rizvi, Earl, Banjotsana, Shweta Pandit, Vickey B. Joshi, Bapi, Keka Ghoshal, Jankee Parikh, Imran

The movies of Ram Gopal Varma like "Rangeela", "Satya" and "Mast" presented great songs that went on to become huge hits, but the music of his latest venture "Agyaat" is totally disapponting. Lack of experimentation and ordinary tunes make it a lack of lustre affair.

This film which will be released on August 7 has 6 songs.
First is "Jai shiv bum bum" sung by Runa Rizvi. A fusion of English and Hindi lyrics, the number starts slow but gains tempo within a few seconds. It does attract in the beginning but soon the interest is lost. The track only has beats but no substance. This song gives you a feel as if it has been picked up from here and there.
Up next is "Jungle jungle", which is a wild forest song crooned by Jankee Parikh and Imran. The song is full of high beats, but vocals are extremely harsh. Please avoid it if you do not want to spoil your ears.
"Khoobsurat", a soft romantic number, is slow in pace. The song has Shweta Pandit and Vickey B. Joshi behind the mike. Even though the track is not an extraordinary one and is just another love ballad, yet it is very nice to your ears.
The song "Kiss you day and night" sung by Earl and Banjotsana has a heard-before feel. It has western music in abundance, but turns out to be an average number.
"Kiss Mix" sung by Earl, Jankee and Banjotsana is a put off and is not at all interesting. It's a racy number with weird sounds.
Next is "Na koi", which is instrumental and has vocals in just a few parts. The song has Shweta behind the mike and is a number pushed in to create a haunting impact. But the song, which tries to be edgy, doesn't fulfil expectations.
Finally there is "Sun sakte ho". It is powerful and makes an impact on the listener. This too entails haunting music and is sung by composer Bapi and Keka Ghoshal.
"Sun sakte ho" is the only song after "Khoobsurat", which is worth listening.
In short, the music of Agyaat is a complete failure.

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