Abhay seems to be quite finicky about his brand endorsement choices and says that he would never endorse a cigarette or any fairness cream brand, as his thoughts don’t comply in endorsing them.

Abhay Deol Reveals His Brand Endorsement Choices
Last Updated: 2010-09-07T13:01:01+05:30
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Abhay Deol Reveals His Brand Endorsement Choices
Abhay Deol
Abhay Deol
Although Abhay Deol hasn’t endorsed a substantial number of brands in the market yet, but still he expresses his choices about what kind of brands he would never endorse. He says that he would never endorse cigarette and fairness cream brands.  
Abhay adds, “I will never endorse a cigarette brand because that`s something very bad for health. Also I will never endorse Fair & Lovely because it makes the generation believe that you are nice and successful only if you are fair.”
He continues further, “This is a very demeaning thing and I would never want to be a part of something like that.”
Holds true, as such brands often question the unwanted discrimination between the black and the white, even ethically celebrities shouldn’t endorse cigarette brand as it is a known fact, that it is fatal to one’s health.
 However, Abhay doesn’t feel anything wrong in endorsing a liquor brand; he adds further, "I have no problems in endorsing a liquor brand because there is nothing inherently wrong with it. Even the doctor says that if you have a drink sometimes, it doesn`t do anything to your body.”
He adds further, "If people don`t abuse it and drink responsibly, there is nothing wrong with it.”
Revealing his style statement he adds that he is a very causal person, doesn’t like to experiment much and he always likes to dress in simple t-shirts and jeans.

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