In comparison to his actress in ‘Road’ movie Abhay Deol has outdid her by performing in three item numbers whereas Tanishtha Chatterjee appeared for one.

Abhay Deol Outshines With Three Item Numbers!
Last Updated: 2010-03-03T16:57:41+05:30
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Abhay Deol Outshines With Three Item Numbers!
Abhay Deol
Abhay Deol
This cool dude of film industry Abhay Deol absolutely seems to have no qualm in getting into odd acts. Moreover, boldly he sports not in one but in three item numbers for his next flick ‘Road’ by Dev Benegal.
May be that’s the unique way he finds out to get into public eyes. Excitedly Abhay adds, “I’m dancing to three item numbers while the heroine has only one and Satish Kaushik has given a horrible performance.”
Suddenly throwing into a serious note he pointsout, “Please write this. I want a lot of people to watch the film and I think the thought of me doing three item numbers might pull in the crowds, don’t you think?”
It a simple story reflecting about mobile theatre, Abhay informs, “I’ll be serious now. The story of the film is very simple. I drive around the interiors of Rajasthan in a truck, taking along with me a cinema setup and we show a film at every stop. It’s basically called moving cinema,”
This concept attracted the locales of Rajasthan, he added, “While shooting, we did actually drive a lot around the interiors in the heat and interacted with the locals. Everyone we met was crazy about cinema, a true fact, which is also the main flavour of the film.”
Here in this film he will be starring with Tanishtha Chatterjee and Satish Kaushik..
Director Dev points out, "Shocking as it may sound, 70% of the Indian population still watches movie outdoors. The first time I went to a small village on the outskirts of Maharashtra, nearly 3000 people had gathered to watch a film. The next time somewhere in Rajasthan nearly 4.5 lakh people had come together to watch a film. These are places where there is none of the basic amenities of life like water, electricity and yet the enthusiasm of these folks to watch a film is something out of this world.”
It's like a carnival atmosphere when mobile theatre opens their cinema show on road in remote areas, Dev further adds, "It's like a carnival atmosphere. This is an extraordinary Indian phenomenon and when I saw the diaspora of people who had gathered together to watch the film, I was taken aback. There were small children, young couples, families and the elderly crowd all of them geared for their dose of entertainment at a meager price of just Rs.10 per ticket. I thought of it as a kind of social networking ala Facebook in flesh and blood and it increased my belief in the making of Road, Movie."

The concept of the film is different and Abhay's stunt in item numbers is quite unusual that people may love to see repeatedly.

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