‘Aashayein’ directed by Nagesh Kukunoor is about the life of a person played by John, a gambler by profession, who suddenly discovers that his life is going to end and lives last moments of his life.

‘Aashayein’ Review- ‘Aashayein' Movie Review
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‘Aashayein’ Review- ‘Aashayein' Movie Review
John Abraham
John Abraham

Star Cast-  John Abraham, Sonal Sehgal, Girish Karnad, Anaitha Nair and Farida Jalal.

 Director- Nagesh Kukunoor

‘Aashayein’ has nothing out of ordinary to offer, it is another attempt to strike a chord with the audience with the help of reality. The movie is about lead actor John who discovers the bitter truth about his life and fights for it. There are chapters of sizzling on-screen romance between Sonal and John.

A story shown again which has already been told many a times by different filmmakers in different packages. This time it is Nagesh Kukunoor who made an attempt to showcase ‘Aashayein’ as a very meaningful movie. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t have any hope, may be John in the movie has some, but the story is the same years old tale.
The movie starts with Rahul (John), who is a chain-smoking gambler and reaches the heights of achievement in his world of dishonesty. He organizes a very big party to make the announcement of his engagement with girl friend Nafisa (Sonal Sehagal).
As he makes the announcement, he suddenly collapses on the floor and is rushed to a hospital. After the diagnosis, he is found suffering from fatal lung cancer and has only 3 months to live. The way story is told and picturised justifies John as a good actor, but it is somehow unable to connect with the audience.

The story leaves you sour mouth with some major missing ingredients.  it takes you far from reality like when John quietly makes an escape  to a hospice without saying a good bye to his girl friend.  

 He meets several people there, who are about to die but have unfailing spirit and enthusiasm for life.  Like the veteran actor, Rajesh Khanna  spreads cheer and happiness around him in the movie, 'Anand', John too tries to do the same in this movie.   

On the brighter side, the sequences between John and Anaitha Nair are wonderful, even the hospice looks like a perfect holiday spot and the seriousness is missing in it.
The only great thing about the movie is that John comes up as a brilliant performer and you will forget that he is the same ‘Dhoom’ hunky.
As the story comes to an end, he drastically looses weight and everything around him seems to fade away. Overall, it is not a brilliant piece of cinema and over emphasizes the content of the story.  The other characters in the movie like Farida and Girish Karnad play perfectly, while it ends a repeated message for the audience.  

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