The perfectionist and the idol of Indian screen Aamir Khan who has powerful impact internationally is to club with Hollywood giant James Cameron the filmaker of ‘Avatar’ flick.

Aamir Khan To Club With ‘Avatar’ Filmmaker!
Last Updated: 2010-03-12T12:21:11+05:30
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Aamir Khan To Club With ‘Avatar’ Filmmaker!
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan
Give me a pinch! It is true that our Bollywood personality Aamir Khan is successful to drive ‘Avatar’ giant James Cameron’s attention to India who will be coming to New Delhi to attend in an event ‘Future of Cinema’ on March 13. .
The hit fame of ‘3 Idiots’ has proved himself well on the contrary of the title of the film and has taken world’s notice for his inexplicable work. The greatest part is that James Cameron the Oscar awards stealer is willing to shake hands with our actor of B-town Aamir for film discussion in an event to be held in New Delhi this week on Saturday.
In this event Aamir and Cameron are supposed to take the centre stage of the forum of ‘Future of Cinema’ to discuss about the essential essence required to highlight in films in better perspective. To our great joy Cameron will be making his first visit to India who is keen to know about Indian cinema and Aamir’s film intellectual insight.
Not to fall out infront of the Oscar attention driver Cameron, our actor is heard to be on a hard preparation to come up well with poignant issues that is related to films which are required to be focused.
Moreover, not to forget about Cameron himself, Aamir is going through the filmaker's background history so that he does not fall sort of words in describing about him and his projects to the public in the event .
The giants are planning for a private meet in luncheon or dinner hours to share views on the changing scenario of films and find out solution to combat the arising problems to come up fair well with newer things.
The quality dedicated Aamir is sure to make his landmark in Hollywood someday in the near future and will be doing things far apart from ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ concept.
The marketing specialist Aamir is heard to take few tips from Cameron's perspectives on it and plus much more about film distribution tactics also.
Cool Aamir you made us feel proud with your giant move that's sure will be applaused and remembered by people of India.

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