Disheartened from the false attack on the copyright issue, Aamir Khan resigned from the ten member committee formed by the government to look into the proposed amendments to the Copyright Act.

Aamir Khan Resigns To Proclaim His Honesty And Integrity
Last Updated: 2010-02-17T18:32:27+05:30
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Aamir Khan Resigns To Proclaim His Honesty And Integrity
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan
In a recent unfortunate incident Aamir Khan was taken aback by the attack from the media that he is trying to steal the credit of the writer by his statement that a song's popularity depends on the picturization of the star and not on the lyricist's efforts.
This statement of Aamir had furied the writer and was splashed in a wrong manner by the media that eventually made Bollywood star to quit his position from the ten member committee formed by the government to look into the proposed amendments to the Copyright Act.
He stated to Kapil Sibal the Human Resources Development Minister that he is been attacked with false reports in the media. It is an attack in the consent to divert his attention from the main copyright issue, Aamir states "It seems to me that there is an attempt by certain people to attack me in public by printing lies about me, thereby turning the attention away from a genuine debate about copyright issues.”
Reportedly, it has been heard that he made a negative remark that erupted the anger of the noted lyricist of the film industry Javed Akhtar. In return to which Javed retorted that the song "Papa kehte hain" became a hit when Aamir was not a star at that time.
With such blow of anger, Aamir stated, "I am grateful to you for inviting me to be part of a committee to discuss the various issues regarding amendments to the Copyright Act. However in light of these public attacks on me I don't think I am comfortable to be part of this committee."
Taking pride in his honesty and integrity, Aamir states, "I take great pride in my honesty and integrity, and attach an enormous amount of value to my sense of justice and fair play. Monetary achievements have never excited me. If they had, I would have acted in many more than one film a year, thereby being financially much richer than I currently am."
Later, Aamir defends, "Had I been driven by monetary achievements I would not have produced films that challenge the mainstream and break new ground, films like 'Lagaan', 'Taare Zameen Par' and 'Peepli Live', that most producers would hesitate to produce. I believe that what I have earned is the love and respect of my colleagues and my audience. And this I have done through my work and through the manner in which I work. This is why such public attacks are most damaging to me emotionally and leave me crippled.”
Thoughtfully, he states that he cannot effort to do meaningful contribution in the ongoing debate and so he wants to quit from circle, Aamir states, "I feel I have a lot to contribute to the ongoing debate but I cannot make any meaningful contribution in this atmosphere. Aggression of this type leaves me feeling very disillusioned and sad and I am unable to function. Therefore I request you to accept my resignation from this committee and please appoint another person in my place.”
It is sad that such an unique visionary like Aamir has made his exit from the copyright committee.

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