Aamir Khan has decided not to sign any films in 2010.

Aamir Khan Not To Sign Any Films In 2010
Last Updated: 2009-11-29T12:45:19+05:30
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Aamir Khan Not To Sign Any Films In 2010
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan has decided not to sign any films in 2010.The star who is busy promoting his latest venture ‘3 Idiots’, wants to concentrate on his home productions.
A close source said,"Aamir had earlier decided to take one year off. But now he has decided to extend his sabbatical by one more year. Filmmakers who have approached him with projects have been told that Aamir intends to take approximately one more year to supervise the post-production and final look of his three films.”
His three home productions are Abhinay Deo`s ‘Delhi Belly’, Anushka Rizvi`s ‘The Falling’ and his wife Kiran Rao`s directorial debut ‘Dhobi Ghat’.
Aamir had a tough time preparing for ‘Ghajini’ physically and emotionally and so wants a year rest to rejuvenate himself.
He also wanted to relax and spend time with his wife and children. That`s precisely what he has done for the last one year. But now Aamir would be taking one more year off because he feels all three projects need serious fine-tuning and have been delayed because he has been busy finishing and promoting director Rajkumar Hirani`s ‘3 Idiots’.
The source said,"The only way Aamir feels his three productions can be completed and released in 2010 is if he sets aside all his own acting assignments to look into them. So, he isn`t signing any films in 2010 either.”
"It requires guts to say no to the best roles going in Bollywood and to a reported fee of approximately Rs.30 crore per film. But Aamir suffers no security pangs about not signing films. He told a friend he will work at his own pace, no matter what the temptation or provocation to take on extra work," added the source.

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