Although, Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan are arch rivals, but this time Aamir seems to second King Khan’s opinion and he has also come out in support of regional cinema.

Aamir Agrees With Shah Rukh
Last Updated: 2010-09-01T11:23:36+05:30
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Aamir Agrees With Shah Rukh
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan
Aamir and Shah Rukh have always cross-cut each other opinions and comments, but this time the issue of regional cinema has made both the actors stand on a common opinion platform.
Even Aamir supports the regional cinema and he says that he will be happy to produce Marathi movies if he comes across a good script.
Aamir adds further, “The story and script should touch me. The language is not important.”
Since, Aamir can’t speak fluent Marathi, so the he is taking lessons now-a-days to get a command over the language. Last year at the time of the release of ‘3-Idiots’ he had stated that there is a faint possibility that he would act or direct a Marathi movie. Now, the actor is taking forward that possibility.
Aamir adds further, “I have been learning Marathi for some time now but in between there was a break as I was travelling and unwell too. The learning process will continue.”
Meanwhile King Khan is of the same opinion and he has also stated similar things in relation to the encouragement given to the regional cinema.
Aamir also states further, “Our languages are the most beautiful part of our culture. Not knowing the language doesn’t really matter if you want to venture into production of regional cinema.”
Well, both the actors seem to share at least one similar opinion and time will tell that who will ultimately do something materialistic for it.

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