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Pamela Anderson
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Last Updated: 2009-10-19T10:49:10+05:30
Pamela Anderson Pamela Anderson has warned movie bosses not to "ruin" her 1990s U.S. TV series Baywatch by taking it to the big screen - insisting she would refuse to reprise her role.
The sex symbol gained international fame playing swimsuit-clad lifeguard C. J. Parker in the ...

Last Updated: 2009-10-15T11:00:47+05:30
Pamela Anderson Former ‘Baywatch’ star Pamela Anderson has come under fire from child protection advocates after a nine-year-old-girl carried the train of her gown at a fashion event.
Anderson shocked guests at the Hollywood Style Awards Oct 11 when she turned up with young Adelaide Gault, who ...

Last Updated: 2009-09-10T10:44:15+05:30
Pamela Anderson
The advertisement of American actress, Pamela Anderson, who is known for her roles on the television series, like, ‘Baywatch’ and V.I.P, has been banned by the American airport authorities, insisting that the ad is too sexy.
The actress filmed a short video for PETA (People ...

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