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Last Updated: 2010-06-24T12:06:40+05:30
Imran Khan This chocolate boy became the heart throb of millions after his debut in ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’. He admits that he is more inclined towards doing romantic comedies rather than action films.
 So, he totally justifies the choice of the Mills & Boon’s publishers for ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-24T12:53:21+05:30
Shah Rukh Khan If you can drive @ 407 Kms per hour, then you are undoubtedly sitting in Volkswagen Bugatti, the world’s fastest car. SRK is going to drive the mad machine in his upcoming movie Ra.One.
Many just day dream of driving Volkswagen Bugatti and feel the heat of the mad machine. This ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-24T10:46:16+05:30
Shahid Kapoor It’s strange, but it’s true that Shahid and his mom have patched up after a long time for ‘Kaizer’. Trying to guess, who Kaizer is? Well, its, Shahid’s dog!
It’s weird to know, that a pet can make estranged relations come closer. But, this is what has happened ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-23T15:32:43+05:30
Anupam Kher
Anupam had earlier walked out of the movie ‘My Dear Friend Hitler’ due to the rising controversies. The movie makers had requested him to think again, but this time he surrenders due to two women.
The two women being talked about are Soni Razdan’s mom (German) and Sister ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-23T12:44:53+05:30
Shah Rukh Khan ’20 Years to a Decade’ is the autobiography of King Khan’s life. It was on hold since 8-9 months, now he is going to pen down its unwritten part.
The King Khan is undoubtedly one of the busiest celebrities of the B town. His work schedule includes travelling, shooting, attending ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-23T09:35:26+05:30
Arjun Rampal
The talented actor Arjun Rampal has added some smashing hits in his kitty recently. Now, it’s the ultimate hit, Raajneeti which makes him score high in the current scenario, after housefull.
Arjun Rampal is on a cool family holiday now-a-days, but the audiences have not stopped talking ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-22T17:00:39+05:30
John Abraham Blame it on John’s looks or his past successful look, but the latest buzz is that, the actor has been approached by film-maker Abbas Mastan for Race 2 for a negative role.
A negative and a tough role perfectly suit the super-sexy hunk, John. In the past, John has played a negative role in ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-22T16:24:41+05:30
Prashant Narayanan The actor of the controversial movie, Mr. Singh & Mrs. Mehta, Prashant Narayanan says even after  those 32 lip locks in his movie, he can’t be stereotyped a kisser.
Comparison comes into picture; the moment a new comer into the Bollywood film industry does something similar ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-22T15:48:59+05:30
Aamir Khan Have you seen a typical Indian Dhobi with twirled moustaches and oiled hair? If not, you can see one in the form of Aamir Khan. He is shooting for an ad for a DTH service provider in the same look.
As usual, Aamir Khan is up to something, as he has started changing his looks. Previously, for the ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-21T17:41:10+05:30
Madhavan The Maddy of 3 idiots is getting some attractive offers from the small screen. After his outstanding performance in the movie, 3 idiots, he is set to host reality game show Big Money.

Madhvan has always been the integral part of the Indian television and he has hosted popular shows like Tol Mol ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-21T17:06:54+05:30
Abhishek Bachchan A controversy is leading Abhishek’s breath taking cliff dive for a toss in the movie ‘Raavan’. MS Balmram, former national diving champion claims, that it was him, who dived and not Abhishek.
The much hyped film, Raavan opened to a neutral response in its first week, but gave ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-21T16:08:43+05:30
Salman Khan
‘Old habits die hard’ is a famous quote which holds good in Salman’s case, unfortunately every time. It’s the SIFCC (South Indian Film Chamber Of Commerce), which coils him this time.
Salman was so enchanted by the beautiful surroundings of Sri Lanka that he suggested the ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-21T12:42:41+05:30
Imran Khan Imran Khan’s is evidently the talk of the town, due to his upcoming movie, I Hate Luv Storys. He plays a cynical flirt and in the movie with an unconventional sense of humor.
The character of Imran Khan is a bit witty, cynical and humorous in the much awaited movie, I Hate Luv Storys.
Imran ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-20T09:58:04+05:30
Imran Khan Imran’s would be girl, Avantika might get scared to read the news, that Imran had an eternal crush on the gorgeous and damsel actress Juhi Chawla.
The chocolate sweet actor Imran Khan was in love with Juhi Chawla since the time, when the debut movie of his uncle, Aamir Khan, Qayamat Se ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-19T15:20:17+05:30
Anupam Kher Recently, Anupam Kher quit the movie ‘My Dear Friend Hitler’. Now, Kher has been requested  to give his role a second thought, so Mr. about to be Hitler is now again in a dilemma.
The always light hearted and jovial Mr Kher is in a great perplexed state of mind. He got one of the ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-18T12:18:06+05:30
Anupam Kher Anupam Kher has declined the offer to play the role of Hitler in the upcoming movie ‘My Dear Hitler’ by Rakesh Ranjan Kumar.
Anupam Kher is a veteran and versatile actor and believes in the fact that cinema is no bigger than thousands of people, who are feeling bad about his ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-18T11:37:59+05:30
Shah Rukh Khan Nobody would believe the fact, that King Khan and Akshay were once rivals. They have succeeded in their careers in their own ways and now complement each other.
It is heard from sources that Shah Rukh and Akshay revealed  their bonding through a popular micro blogging ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-18T10:24:01+05:30
Aamir Khann
Aamir Khan is not a very internet person and he often likes to keep things more private. But, in the era of using popular websites like Twitter, it becomes a necessity.
It seems the space which Aamir has left for himself on the micro blogging website, Twitter, needs to be fulfilled, as suggested ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-17T16:23:02+05:30
Amitabh Bachchan Amitabh’s Bachchan couldn’t just stop talking about the ‘Raavan’ experience; he had in the special premier. He thinks, the movie is going to deliver more than whatever has been expected out of it.
Amitabh added “Just back from an overwhelming cinema experience called ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-17T15:20:03+05:30
Sanjay Dutt Sanjay Dutt is not much known among his fans as a musical person. It is quite surprising to know that this rugged looking man has an immense passion for music.
Bunty Walia’s, Lamhaa title song creation is the combined effort of music director Mithoon and Sanju. Surprisingly, movie ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-17T12:40:08+05:30
Aamir Khan Knowingly or unknowingly, but Aamir Khan had to miss Raavan’s premier. The reasons as usual may lead to the presence of Shah Rukh Khan in the event, but the miss created a buzz again.
The premier could have taken some other route, if superstar Aamir and Shah Rukh had met on Raavan’s ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-17T10:39:13+05:30
Abhishek Bachchan The actor may be found doing some challenging, serious and even wild roles, but he remains immature and untouched by his growth and enjoys every bit of his passion.
Abhishek Bachchan feels that there is an ardent need for an actor to pamper the child within him. It makes the actor feel ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-16T16:02:26+05:30
Salman Khan
Salman was shooting in the Film City of Mumbai for his upcoming movie ‘Dabangg’, when rain started to beat down and dampened the shooting procedures.
Initially, the crew members of the movie, Dabangg got some high mood elevations because of the rains, but later Salman and the crew ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-16T15:06:37+05:30
Ranbir kapoor Ranbir Kapoor is all set to roll for his upcoming movie ‘Rockstar’. The movie is directed by Imtiaz Ali and will hopefully roll from July.
The movie ‘Rockstar’ was scheduled to roll last month, but since the movie director Imtiaz Ali, didn’t quite like the ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-16T14:40:08+05:30
Govinda Govinda is also a part of the movie Raavan and he saw a special trial show of the movie last Monday. He was surprised to see the way his role has come out in the movie.
Govinda saw Raavan with all the other crew members at Film City Adlabs. He had not expected the final cut of his role to be so ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-16T14:09:21+05:30
Aamir Khan It seems Aamir is still raged with Shah Rukh Khan. It proves by the fact of not meeting him and meeting other friends in his 5 days London trip.
Recently, Aamir visited London for finalizing the deals for his next movie ‘Peepli Live’. In his visit, apart from his professional ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-16T12:40:23+05:30
Ajay Devgan Ajay Devgan is better known for his ‘Sooraj’ like characters in Raajniti. He lands up often in serious roles, but Golmaal’s director Rohit shares great comedy chemistry with him.

Exploring another brighter side of a talented actor is the major role of directors. Rohit Shetty, ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-16T11:49:11+05:30
Sunil Shetty Sunil says he strongly condemns the Naxal violence, but he also thinks that the guerrillas are not terrorists. He plays the lead role in movie ‘Red Alert-The War Within’, based on a real story.
It is true to say, empathizing with someone is the true measure of their ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-16T10:21:08+05:30
Kunal Kapoor Yes, the very talented actor with those smashing looks is all set to choose roles more openly than ever. This dynamic actor has everything, but lacks the big break of his life.
When it comes to reinforcing one’s base in the film industry, actors are known to walk that extra ...

Last Updated: 2010-06-15T16:58:47+05:30
Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor is in a regret mood now-a-days as, the actor revealed his hotel’s location on a social networking website. Since then, Shahid has seen the real fan madness. 

True to say, that Shahid is one of the most followed actors on Twitter. It is also true to say, that girls ...

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